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Now maybe my last blog post came off a little selfish, telling people what to buy me and such. I have decided to dedicate this next post to what I am going to (theoretically) be getting for my nearest and dearest.

Here is my first pick, for my boyfriend. It is the Collar Knit Sweater from Ben Sherman. I this for a myriad of reasons. Topping that list is that I might also get a chance to wear this amazing sweater–leggings, boots, knit hat…wait wait! This wasn’t supposed to be about me was it? Well Merry Christmas to you, and me!

This sweater is available at Ben Sherman







Next up is my little brother. He spent the last two years living on the side of an honest to god ski mountain in the wilds of New Hampshire so the kid knows a little something about keeping warm.

Also, if you grew up in New England you know the sharp shock that one gets when they first grab an icy cold stearing wheel first thing in the morning. In short–good gloves are a must.

Which is why little brother, that lucky man, is getting these gorgeous gloves from   Arc’teryx. These are the Arc’teryx Sigma Gloves. I think these are great my favorite part is this line on the webiste “Polartec Thermal Pro mid loft provides warmth, while waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex technology and a DWR finish sheds cold mountain conditions without suffocating your hands in sweat on sunny spring days”

Sign me up!


These are available at






Now I don’t know about all of you, but I have one stylin’ Momma. I know the second she opens my present it will be a direct Yay or Nay (New England Mother–what can I say?).

Which is why I am going to be sure to get a Yay and get her this Elie Tahari Sophie Reversible Jacket. It looks so warm and cozy, and check out the pattern on the collar. I am sure she is going to reverse it when she heads out with her fellow Red Hat Ladies!

The best part? This coat is available through so even in the rare, long shot that she doesn’t love it, she has an entire year to return it. You can’t beat that!












Now my father isn’t exactly Grizzly Adams, but you wouldn’t know it from his taste in footwear and extensive collection of plaid fleece shirts.  Which is why he gets these beautiful workman’s boots from Red Wing.

I have to say I wholeheartedly approve of the way that these boots look like a throwback to a boot from the early 1900’s. The darker leather is such a nice touch and makes these boots look a little bit more  versatile then your average workboots.

Although this doesn’t mean they are appropriate to wear to a wedding (hear that Dad?–Shoveling snow, quick run to the hardware store, going to movies even–good. Wedding–no).


These shoes are available at Red Wing Shoes




In short, I hope that you all like my choices. I hope I have inspired some of you of what to get for your loved ones. I hope everyone has a great new year!




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