Stay Cool Forever:DKNY Sweeps Fashion 2.0 Awards

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Fashion superstar Donna Karan made a big splash at the Fashion 2.0 Awards held Wednesday night at the Trump Soho Hotel. Taking home four of the eight trophies presented, Ms. Karan is obviously one of the most forward-thinking designers in the business, bringing the worlds of fashion and technology together like nobody else this year.

phot by Donna Karan

Beating out other industry heavyweights like Bergdorf Goodman and Gucci, Ms. Karan’s DKNY brand won top honors for Best Twitter, Best Mobile App, Best Blog and Top Innovator.

Launched in 2010—and designed to recognize innovation in an industry that has been notoriously slow in its adoption of web apps, live streaming, mobile and 3D technology—Fashion 2.0 Award winners were chosen by a popular vote of industry peers, following an open nomination round. Presented by the Style Coalition, and sponsored by TheFind, the awards celebrate fashion brands for their outstanding achievements and innovative strategies across a variety of social media channels, networks and blogs.

Find out more:

Style Coalition is a leading network of more than sixty top independent online publishers and bloggers in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle community. According to Yuli Ziv, Style Coalition’s founder, Ms. Karan and other nominees “showed an exceptional, inspiring work in the digital space and are paving the way for others in the fashion industry.”

I agree. One look at Ms. Karan’s Twitter steam is proof that the DKNY brand is aggressively utilizing new web applications to communicate with, and influence, her customers, her peers and the fashion-conscious public at large. With almost sixty tweets in the past twenty-four hours, it might be an understatement to say that Ms. Karan is eager to keep in touch with her audience.

Check it out for yourself:

I’m sure Ms. Karan realizes the multitude of marketing possibilities inherent in new media platforms. Not only can she put her message out on the web (and use it to sculpt her and image), but she can also use interactive web applications like Twitter to do ad hoc market research. For instance, if consumers and fashion-watchers think she has made a misstep, either with her product line or her personal image, she will not have to wait for an expensive, time-consuming market research report to find out. She will know immediately what her public thinks. With the anonymity offered by the web, commenters have the luxury of being more than straightforward with their opinions. In some sense, blogposts, tweets and web comments may be a more accurate barometer of trends and opinions for the fashion world than traditional modes of research.


So I say, “Keep it up Ms. Karan!” No one commenting today really knows what the future of the web will be (Web 3.0 anybody?). And it is impossible to say how these two worlds—Fashion and the Web—will interface in the decades to come. By staying just ahead of the cutting edge DKNY may be able to do the near-impossible: Stay Cool Forever.

JW Yates

NYC, New York


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