Red Wing Shoes Reveals Supply Chain Basics on YouTube

March 30, 2011 at 4:39 pm Leave a comment

JW Yates

New York City, New York

Red Wing Shoes has been manufacturing some of the highest-quality work-boots and footwear in the United States since 1905, and this Minnesota-based company wants everyone to know about their ongoing commitment to the “made in USA” label.


In a series of recently produced promotional videos, Red Wing has gone inside their manufacturing plant and talked with the people who actually cut, sew and glue their notoriously rugged boots and shoes. The result is an unexpected YouTube viral marketing hit.

It appears that folks on the web are fascinated by the ins and outs of supply chain, and have a certain fascination with the antiquated methods of today’s factory cobblers. Perhaps the videos are so popular because it is exceedingly rare these days to see someone repairing old boots, or shaping leather by hand in an economy that is increasingly based on high-tech IT jobs.

The lush and vivid videos were produced by the Minneapolis-based advertising company Brew Creative, and serve as a primer on modern shoe manufacturing. They give a brief glimpse into the complexity of a factory supply chain in action. Anyone interested in learning how basic raw materials get fashioned into shelf-ready boots should take a look at Red Wing’s new promos. Not only do the American-based workers seem intent on bringing quality footwear to market, but they also seem committed to carrying on the long tradition of taking pride in American-made products.

With so much competition coming from overseas manufacturing, and so much pressure to cut the bottom line, it is encouraging to see a stalwart American-based corporation making a commitment to US production. We only hope that their newest promotional efforts inspire a new generation of workers who seek to make the “made in USA” label mean something substantial in the new economy.

So, we at BMS say, “Right on Red Wing!” Thanks for making your supply chain such a visible part of your corporate identity, and thanks for taking pride in the sourcing of your materials and labor.

March 30, 2011

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