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This week in Apparel World Tug of War …

…”Tensions rise in the apparel industry as retailers push garment makers for a faster turnaround on smaller orders in time for Christmas.  This lowers the risk for a fashion miss…” writes Elizabeth Holmes.  Teen retailer Aeropostale, Inc. is noted as one of the companies that has honed in on the ability to quickly follow up on orders, never having a problem with a turnaround.  Read more of this article “Tug of War in the Apparel World” below



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6 Principles of Employee-Driven Change Management from MISI Company

We recommend checking out this interesting article on MISI Company’s blog outlining what they have determined to be the six key principles of employee-driven change management.


“[…] the most critical component to your success: the people who will be most effected by the change. Failing to understand your workforce diversity and how your changes will affect the way various employees do their jobs can potentially result in significant negative impact on such things as work continuity, optimal work process adoption, productivity and morale.”

Read it in full here.

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Why is Industry Dissatisfied with PLM? from Active Knowledge Modeling

A co-worker passed along a valuable article from the Active Knowledge Modeling blog entitled “Why is Industry Dissatisfied with PLM?” by Frank Lillehagen.

While the article dates back almost a year, most of the points made are still extremely relevant. Lillehagen balances the 5 basic functionalities of PLM against the list of 20 or so that it arguably should have, and what should be done to remedy the discrepancy.

As a PLM provider, naturally it gave us a lot of food for thought, but it also affirmed a lot of what we are currently doing right–particularly when it comes to addressing the needs of the design department.

Read the full article here.

Diagram from "Why is Industry Dissatisfied with PLM?"

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Karina Kogan, President of BMS Featured in Textile Quarterly

Karina Kogan, President of PLM software provider Business Management Systems (BMS), will be featured as a guest contributor in this month’s issue of the notable international textile and apparel magazine, Textile Quarterly.

“When Textile Quarterly approached me to write an article for their special PLM issue, I was honored,” says Kogan. “The caliber of my fellow contributors for this issue is remarkable, and I am humbled to be counted among them.”

Kogan’s article, “Competitive Advantage through PLM: A Strategic Perspective” discusses the industry-specific benefits of implementing a product lifecycle management system, and how companies can utilize these benefits to gain a competitive edge in the textile and apparel industries today.

You can read Kogan’s article in the February 2010 PLM issue of Textile Quarterly Magazine. You can find Kogan and other contributors for this special issue on

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PLM as ‘A Central Hub of Product Intelligence’

We found this article in the PLM section of our new favorite resource,

The article discusses eradicating the top 3 productivity killers in the workplace in order to create better products in less time–and achieving this goal with the use of a ‘central hub of product intelligence’.

I really enjoyed this new term as it applies to PLM. For such a simple concept, I find that many people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea of what a PLM system actually is, yet ‘a central hub of product intelligence’ is a simple yet informative & accurate descriptor.

Read the full article & find out what ‘The Top 3 Productivity Killers’ are now.

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Women’s Liberation from…Stilettos?

UK news website The Independent reports a new movement taking place overseas. A movement to free working women from the treacherous snarls of…high heeled shoes?

Don’t get them wrong. Although they believe that high heels are “sexist” and “good for glamming up but not good for the workplace”, campaign leaders from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SCP) are not looking to ban high heels from your place of business–only for women to be afforded the choice to wear more orthopedically sound shoes.

While it may seem ridiculous at first, consider women such as flight attendants and retail saleswomen who, despite the active nature of their jobs, are required to wear high heels as a part of a uniform or dress code.

Ah, yes. The proverbial “gray area”. I think we’ve found it.

Ready to sink your teeth a little deeper into this burgeoning debate? Read the full article HERE.

Pretty...or hazardous?

Pretty...or hazardous?

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Virtual Models & Runway Shows in the Future for Apparel PLM? – Tech-Clarity Article by Jim Brown

Jim Brown, the author of this article on Tech-Clarity was kind enough to post it in the PLM Group forum on LinkedIn, of which we at BMS are proud members.

Influenced by a Yahoo! article on the role technology played in New York’s recent Fashion Week, Brown touches on some inspired ideas regarding incorporating virtual models and runway shows into apparel PLM.

As forerunners in the apparel PLM industry, we would love to see some of these concepts come to life in a PLM program.

Read the full article HERE.

jim brown article

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