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Is Augmented Reality the Future of Marketing?

Of course technology is changing the way people do business. That’s what technology does. But recent advances in 3-D technology, and an integration of web-based information with new, ubiquitous hardware, has led to completely new marketing possibilities. We are now seeing the first phases of what is sure to be a revolution in interactive marketing that utilizes Augmented Reality technology.

Based on smart phone or tablet computer technology, AR applications offer real-time 3-D video and images which respond to print ads, logos, billboards or other visual cues in the real world. With these applications a consumer will be able to scan an ad in a magazine with their iPad, for instance, and instantly watch a 3-D commercial, or download a list of retailer locations, or view the technical specs of the product being sold. As AR applications become more common and more sophisticated it will likely be possible, in the near future, to click a shot of someone’s shoes on the bus, and immediately view a full catalog of online retailers who carry them.

So, will this change the way fashion companies market their products to consumers? Almost certainly. People will soon come to expect instant video augmentation about every item they see on the shelves and in the world. It will no longer be sufficient for people in marketing to think in two dimensions. Folks designing ads and products will have to conceive of each item as an opportunity for interactive marketing. Every logo will become the play button for an instant video commercial or a full-blown 3-D experience.

As products and packaging play a greater role in the marketing process, it becomes ever more important to be able to collect data and track the movements of your products throughout their entire life cycle. To make the most of any AR-driven campaign your company will need to have the most up-to-date product distribution information possible. This means you will need a fully functional PLM system in place when the AR marketing revolution begins.

Check out some AR marketing developments in action:

JW Yates

New York, New York

March 17, 2011


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Read this blog…in 3D!!

Just kidding…but Best Buy is doing it for real, with their newspaper advertisements! With just your computer’s webcam and Best Buy’s latest newspaper insert, you can make three-dimensional magic using a technique called augmented reality.

Click to read more about Best Buy’s new 3D campaign.


They say a good ad really JUMPS OUT at you...

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