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Tahari Gets Star Treatment at Saks Fifth Ave.

Our client Elie Tahari gets the red carpet treatment at Saks Fifth Ave. today.  Stephen I. Saddove, Saks Inc’s chairman/CEO and Ron Frasch, president/CMO welcomed Tahari’s collection to the front of Saks’ 4th Floor.  Tahari’s new contribution to Saks’Wear Dept. (neighboring Ralph Lauren’s Blue Label and Saks brand La Via 18) aims to provide customers with trend-right clothes at a more accessible price point.


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Women: Inspiration & Enterprise symposium

Business Management Systems Women: Inspiration & Enterprise symposium … our client, Donna Karan along side Arianna Huffington and Sarah Brown will host the first annual WIE Symposium on September 20th, 2010. Speakers addressing childbirth deaths & female technology entrepreneurs, a Fashion Show by Donna Karan, and a concert by Estelle will all be included in this one day event. Read more

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Got Some Spring Cleaning to Do? Donate to the Goodwill!

Inspired by a recent post on the blog of the large-size brassiere and lingerie brand Bravissimo, BMS has decided to join in the effort to encourage all of you out there in cyberspace to donate your last season’s wardrobe to your local Goodwill.

Not sure where the closest drop-off is? Use the Goodwill’s official locator tool.

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6 Principles of Employee-Driven Change Management from MISI Company

We recommend checking out this interesting article on MISI Company’s blog outlining what they have determined to be the six key principles of employee-driven change management.


“[…] the most critical component to your success: the people who will be most effected by the change. Failing to understand your workforce diversity and how your changes will affect the way various employees do their jobs can potentially result in significant negative impact on such things as work continuity, optimal work process adoption, productivity and morale.”

Read it in full here.

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Why is Industry Dissatisfied with PLM? from Active Knowledge Modeling

A co-worker passed along a valuable article from the Active Knowledge Modeling blog entitled “Why is Industry Dissatisfied with PLM?” by Frank Lillehagen.

While the article dates back almost a year, most of the points made are still extremely relevant. Lillehagen balances the 5 basic functionalities of PLM against the list of 20 or so that it arguably should have, and what should be done to remedy the discrepancy.

As a PLM provider, naturally it gave us a lot of food for thought, but it also affirmed a lot of what we are currently doing right–particularly when it comes to addressing the needs of the design department.

Read the full article here.

Diagram from "Why is Industry Dissatisfied with PLM?"

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Keep An Eye on The Sartorialist for Spring Fashion!

It’s been miserable for the past several days here in NYC (rain, wind, flooding, downed trees & power lines…) but don’t forget that warm, sunny weather is (hopefully!) right around the corner!

Check out popular fashion blog The Sartorialist to stay abreast of the most up-to-the-moment street & runway fashion for men & women in all of the biggest fashion hubs in the world (New York, Paris, Milan).

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PLM Bootcamp ’09 – New WordPress Blog!

The people at PLM Bootcamp now have a WordPress blog!

Check it out before the all-virtual event goes live in a matter of days!

PLM Bootcamp

Or follow them on Twitter.

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