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Theysken’s Theory: Making Use of Corporate Resources

High fashion raconteur Olivier Theyskens has a fantastic line of classic pants for women that is making a big splash in style circles and online right now. Taking a classic approach to stylish ready-to-wear pants for modern women, Theyskens has decided to show off  his Max line of pants using real-life women instead of ultra-glam models. Of course, these aren’t your average girls on the street…

Check out the Theyskens’ Theory Facebook page and you’ll see some great looks donned by Theory employees. The point is to show how his most famous pant is supposed to be worn, by real women who have places to go and people to meet.

The flattering and graceful Max line of pants are a hot item as practical urbanites look forward to springtime. Taking any excuse to look good doing what they do, his “model employees” have donned some great outfits for a spread on the Theyskens’ Theory blog and online shop.

Coming in three distinct styles—Cropped, High-Waisted, and Original—the Max pants make looking good seem easy. Adaptable and classy, these pants could be worn as part of a suit, or with a T-shirt…your pick.

So, take a look at what’s new on the Theory website:

Maybe you’re already Mad About Max, and you don’t even know it!

JW Yates

New York, New York

March 10th, 2011


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Tahari Gets Star Treatment at Saks Fifth Ave.

Our client Elie Tahari gets the red carpet treatment at Saks Fifth Ave. today.  Stephen I. Saddove, Saks Inc’s chairman/CEO and Ron Frasch, president/CMO welcomed Tahari’s collection to the front of Saks’ 4th Floor.  Tahari’s new contribution to Saks’Wear Dept. (neighboring Ralph Lauren’s Blue Label and Saks brand La Via 18) aims to provide customers with trend-right clothes at a more accessible price point.

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Women: Inspiration & Enterprise symposium

Business Management Systems Women: Inspiration & Enterprise symposium … our client, Donna Karan along side Arianna Huffington and Sarah Brown will host the first annual WIE Symposium on September 20th, 2010. Speakers addressing childbirth deaths & female technology entrepreneurs, a Fashion Show by Donna Karan, and a concert by Estelle will all be included in this one day event. Read more

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Project Runway, ‘Pregnancy Chic’: ‘Sweet’ Shirin Askari Dazzles Rebecca Romijn; Malvin Vien…Not So ‘Egg-cellent’

When host Heidi Klum challenged the designers of Project Runway Season 6 to create a chic pregnancy ensemble for supermodel/actress/Mommy-to-be Rebecca Romijn, the aptly named Shirin Askari (‘shirin’ means ‘sweet’ in Isreali) came out on top with a flattering aubergine cowel neck dress and coordinating overcoat with a floral printed lining.


Malvin Vien’s conceptual “Mother Hen” design–in which the model’s baby bump is swaddled in white cloth to make it look like an egg–earned him the unpleasant honor of receving Klum’s signature “Auf Wiedersehen”.


Vien bid his tearful goodbyes, saying “I’m always going to have something to say, and I’m always going to say it differently.”

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New Project Runway on Lifetime – Self-taught Straub Takes Prize; Eccentric Designer Fish First ‘Aufed’

On the season premier of Project Runway–the first season since the wildly popular Bravo series made the move to Lifetime–self-taught designer Christopher Straub poked fun at himself saying “I keep hearing people talk about ‘smocking’…I don’t even know what that means!” However, Straub’s lack of fashion book-smarts didn’t stop him from snagging the win with a short, ruffled ballerina dress that charmed celebrity guest judge, Lindsay Lohan.

christopher straub

Endearingly quirky & pixie-like designer Ari Fish became the first to be booted off the Runway. Fish described her “Red Carpet look” as “VMA’s 2080…and I also want her to receive her Nobel Peace Prize the same night.”

ari fish

In her exit interview, Fish shares a pearl of wisdom gained from her short-lived stint on Project Runway: “It’s good to take risks, but you’ve got to take risks responsibly.”

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Vera Wang: Not your granny’s bridal party…

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride? No problem! Not if the bridal party is decked out in designer dresses by Vera Wang, anyway.

No one knows weddings like Vera Wang, so Vera knows better than anyone the importance of the bridal party as “the prelude to the bride’s much anticipated walk down the aisle”. And it shows in her timelessly elegant collection of “Maid-to-Order” bridesmaids dresses & gowns.

From lovely traditional gowns to chic modern cocktail dresses (all “Maid-to-Order”) Vera’s got the goods to keep every sister, friend & cousin grinning from ear to ear as they walk down the aisle on your big day.

vera wang laura

Vera Wang: Bringing truth to the old adage, "You can wear it again!"

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