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Business Management Systems Presents: ‘PLM Basics: What it Means to be Lean & Green’

“We as businesspeople are feeling the heat more than ever to make thousands of dollars in cuts in order to stay afloat in this floundering economy and to “go green” to aid in the preservation of the Earth’s dwindling resources. And fortunately, most of us are heeding the call.

We all know we need to make our businesses leaner and more efficient, but few of us know how to go about it. Those of us who are hesitant to make these kinds of changes may simply be getting overwhelmed by the “big picture”. The idea of essentially reformatting the fundamental way our businesses function may seem a daunting task, if not an impossible one.

This is the precise reason that companies such as Business Management Systems (BMS) have developed specialized product lifecycle management (PLM) software solutions which allow the user to synchronize an entire business from design to delivery, as well as streamline all processes, save money, maximize efficiency and profitability-all while minimizing clutter and paperwork for an increasingly paperless and more eco-friendly company.”

Download our full white paper on Just-Style PLM Hub now!


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Snow Leopard Mac OSX 10.6 Launches Late Sept. – Get the New Wallpapers FIRST

Technological news hub Techie Buzz tells us that while the new Mac operating system–“Snow Leopard”, or Mac OSX 10.6–isn’t set to launch until the end of next month, you can download the newly designed wallpapers for your computer desktop NOW!

The overall vibe is “hip & zen”. There’s about 35 to choose from, and one of them actually is–not surprisingly–a snow leopard.

Desktop Decor from "Snow Leopard" (Mac OSX 10.6)

Desktop Decor from "Snow Leopard" (Mac OSX 10.6)

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