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Good News & Bad News…And The VerTex Toolbox of the Week!

The good news is we are staying true to our New Year’s resolution and bringing you another featured Toolbox from the VerTex system this week.

The bad news is we will no longer be blogging Project Runway this season. We know it’s a crowd favorite, and it’s fun for us too! But it has been dominating our readership and we thought it was about time to bring it back to basics.

So without further ado, this week’s featured VerTex Toolbox is…


The VerTex Production Toolbox allows you to create PO easily & painlessly using our template-driven software. It gives you the visibility to track all your shipments in a clear & concise environment. The Production Toolbox will also generate full reports for you automatically and free of hassle.


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Business Management Systems – Featured VerTex Toolbox of the Week: DEVELOPMENT

The Development Toolbox helps to homogenize & smooth the oftentimes rocky development stages of garment production by creating one simple, comprehensive module where you can create BOM, technical packs, and handle sample fit management simultaneously, seamlessly, & stress-free.

VerTex Development Toolbox

Brought to you by Business Management Systems

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