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PLM Bootcamp ’09 – New WordPress Blog!

The people at PLM Bootcamp now have a WordPress blog!

Check it out before the all-virtual event goes live in a matter of days!

PLM Bootcamp

Or follow them on Twitter.


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‘PLM Bootcamp’: WYSWYG Productions Hosts First Virtual PLM Educational Event for the Consumer Products Industry

Next month, WYSWYG Productions (whatyasee.whatyaget) will host the consumer products industry’s first ever completely virtual educational event–PLM Bootcamp ’09.

The two-day long event (Oct. 8 & 9) will include keynote speakers, a dozen industry-related educational sessions, networking events & “vendor booths”–all accessible using only the internet connection from the comfort of your own desk.

For more information or to register for the groundbreaking event, click HERE.

PLM Bootcamp

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Maybe you’re a Bing-believer. Maybe you’re skeptical of the new search engine. But odds are either way you’ve heard the controversy swirling around the name “Bing.”

Bing calls itself a “decision engine”–a search engine that can allegedly help you make life’s big decisions (like where to go on a budget vacation or what TV shows you should let your kids watch).

“Judy Consumer” at AdvertisingAge is one of the skeptics. Get her thoughts here.

As for us, we think we’ll go about making our decisions the old-fashioned way…for now.


Bing: A decision-making machine?

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TEXPERTS: New LinkedIn Group for Textile Professionals

BMS recently had the pleasure of being invited to join TEXPERTS, a new group on LinkedIn for professionals in the textile industry and related fields. There are forums for discussion, news, job postings and more.

Think you’re a “texpert”? Request membership by clicking HERE.


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