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Gadget Watch: I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for the iPad!

Apple releases it’s latest must-have gadget–the iPad–in just 3 days!

The iPad is a “tablet computer”, similar in appearance to the new electronic readers such as the Kindle and the Nook, though in terms of functionality I have heard it aptly described as a “giant iPhone” (Get it? AP-tly? “There’s an ap for that…” Okay, it was a stretch.)

And while the iPad undeniably posseses that certain intangible gotta-have-it je ne sais quoi, I am still unsure as to why there is a market for a portable tablet computer. Isn’t that what laptops–and not to mention the iPad’s smaller ancestor, the iPhone are for?

Whatever your feelings on the iPad, the fact remains that this inexplicably craveable gadget will be hitting the shelves in T-minus 3 days and counting. Will YOU buy one?


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Invading Your Privacy? There’s An App For That.

Having an iPhone is cutting edge–but is it slicing into your privacy?

It’s true. More and more iPhone users who have downloaded free applications have been receiving calls from the application vendors hawking paid versions of their complementary apps.

While Apple does not share customers’ information with these vendors, Dan Moren from says it is “possible—even easy” for the applications themselves to extract phone numbers from users’ devices.

Concerned? Read the full article HERE.

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$900 iPhone App?! It might not be as ridiculous as it sounds (But it might be…)

CNNMoney reports that the most expensive iPhone application on the market today is the $900 iRa Pro, which allows for portable access to live feeds of video surveilance cameras–and compared to other methods, the $900 price tag is pocket change.

It may still seem crazy to pay $900 for an iPhone app, but the iRa Pro sure beats the previous contender for ‘Most Expensive’–the short-lived “I Am Rich” application, which sold for a whopping $999.99, and get this–it did absolutely nothing.

Naturally, they quickly put the kabash on the application. But not before 8 rich people actually purchased it.


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