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MTV Video Music Awards 2009 – Forget About Who Won & Who Interrupted Whose Acceptance Speech…What Were They Wearing?!

Everyone is so busy taking sides on the whole Kanye West/Taylor Swift debacle that we’re neglecting the most important part of any awards ceremony–the Best/Worst dressed list, of course!

Don’t forget to check it out on StyleCaster.

We thought some of the “best” should actually be the “worst”…until we saw the “worst”.

Russell Brand - Best? Really?

Russell Brand - Best? Really?

Lady GaGa - Definitely, definitely WORST.

Lady GaGa - Definitely, definitely WORST.


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New Project Runway on Lifetime – Self-taught Straub Takes Prize; Eccentric Designer Fish First ‘Aufed’

On the season premier of Project Runway–the first season since the wildly popular Bravo series made the move to Lifetime–self-taught designer Christopher Straub poked fun at himself saying “I keep hearing people talk about ‘smocking’…I don’t even know what that means!” However, Straub’s lack of fashion book-smarts didn’t stop him from snagging the win with a short, ruffled ballerina dress that charmed celebrity guest judge, Lindsay Lohan.

christopher straub

Endearingly quirky & pixie-like designer Ari Fish became the first to be booted off the Runway. Fish described herĀ “Red Carpet look” as “VMA’s 2080…and I also want her to receive her Nobel Peace Prize the same night.”

ari fish

In her exit interview, Fish shares a pearl of wisdom gained from her short-lived stint on Project Runway: “It’s good to take risks, but you’ve got to take risks responsibly.”

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