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Women’s Liberation from…Stilettos?

UK news website The Independent reports a new movement taking place overseas. A movement to free working women from the treacherous snarls of…high heeled shoes?

Don’t get them wrong. Although they believe that high heels are “sexist” and “good for glamming up but not good for the workplace”, campaign leaders from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists (SCP) are not looking to ban high heels from your place of business–only for women to be afforded the choice to wear more orthopedically sound shoes.

While it may seem ridiculous at first, consider women such as flight attendants and retail saleswomen who, despite the active nature of their jobs, are required to wear high heels as a part of a uniform or dress code.

Ah, yes. The proverbial “gray area”. I think we’ve found it.

Ready to sink your teeth a little deeper into this burgeoning debate? Read the full article HERE.

Pretty...or hazardous?

Pretty...or hazardous?


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The Labella – Women’s Sandalistas from Aetrex

I recently (read: ‘years ago’) found myself in the market for a new pair of sneakers, when my current (read: ‘old’) pair started looking a little shabby (read: ‘falling apart at the seams’).

So I was browsing the Aetrex website for some new kicks when I found myself distracted by something pretty, as I am wont to do more often than I’d care to admit.

Among Aetrex’s veritable smorgasbord of sleek, orthopedically sound athletic footwear, I zoned in on a pair of Boho-chic sandals from the ‘Sandalistas’ collection–‘The Labella’.

'The Labella', from Aetrex Sandalistas

'The Labella', from Aetrex Sandalistas

I love the gold ones, but these sandals are available in four different colors (including a beautiful deep turquoise, which I also love!)

And the best part is that Aetrex has created the Sandalista collection with the same orthopedic benefits as their athletic shoes!

The sad news is that The Labella sandal won’t be available until January 2010. But you know what they say…good things come to those who wait!

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