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Business Management Systems – Featured VerTex Toolbox of the Week: COLOR

The perfect companion to the VerTex Design Toolbox (featured last week), the Color Toolbox takes the guesswork out of finding your ideal shade by allowing you to pull RGB information from your inspirations, as well as create color and print palettes with ease all in one user-friendly module.

vertex toolbox

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BMS Presents: Featured VerTex Toolbox of the Week

BMS is one of the apparel & textile industry’s most experienced providers of money-saving PLM solutions. BMS delivers VerTex–a modular system of specialized “Toolboxes” that streamline your business from design to delivery, allowing you to turn the chaos of the fashion industry into total control for your business.

To provide you with a better understanding of the VerTex PLM solution, we at BMS will be featuring one VerTex Toolbox each week.

This Week’s Toolbox: DESIGN

VerTex Toolbox
Design is the heart of the fashion & apparel industry. In this unique
field, the creative process is just as much a part of a business as the
facts and figures…so what good is a PLM system that neglects this crucial
element? One of VerTex PLM’s most unique features—the Design
Toolbox—extends PLM capabilities upstream to where the creative process
begins. This module allows designers to create albums, design storyboards,
manage line lists and more, helping to keep all departments on the same
page in terms of important changes, new innovations, and long-term
artistic direction.

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Business Management Systems (BMS) has been a leading provider of product lifecycle management software solutions to the apparel & textiles industry for 15 years, delivering VerTex Toolboxes--an easy-to-use modular system uniquely configured to meet every company's specific needs.

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