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Monif C. Plus Size Fashion: A+ for Style, Substance & Versatility!

With the plus-size fashion industry continuing to grow despite the economic recession, we were excited to discover the Monif C. label on Twitter!

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know we have been wanting utilize Twitter to do a feature on an emerging brand for some time, so you might be wondering, What made Monif C. stand out?

I have a very specific answer for you: The Marilyn Convertible dress.

The dress (taglined “One Dress, Infinite Possibilities”) features a timeless & figure-flattering shape available in 6 vibrant colors that can be worn in a myriad of ways–as an elegant strapless evening gown, a sassy halter, a casual top worn over jeans, and more!

The only thing that makes us raise an eyebrow is that the dress appears to be “one-size-fits-all” which doesn’t seem possible, especially in the plus-size industry where cut & fit is so important.

Overall, Monif C. has a refreshing, modern take on plus-size fashion with an emphasis on functionality & versatility…and how could you not love that!


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Using Twitter for Business from ‘The Cheeky Marketeer’

Appropriately enough, I found out about ‘The Cheeky Marketeer’ blog from one of our followers on Twitter. The author hasn’t updated in quite some time–a shame, because she has some excellent postings, in particular this post on using Twitter for business.

Blogger and marketing professional Ingrid Catlin outlines the 4 top methods of using Twitter for business, including:

1. Broadcasting company news & events

2. Providing customer service/support

3. Promote new offers/discounts/sales

4. Build a community around your brand

I highly recommend reading the full article in detail, especially if you keep a Twitter for your company (we do!) I also recommend reading ‘Thoughts of an Average American (as Imagined by a Marketing Executive)’…just for laughs!

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PLM Bootcamp ’09 – New WordPress Blog!

The people at PLM Bootcamp now have a WordPress blog!

Check it out before the all-virtual event goes live in a matter of days!

PLM Bootcamp

Or follow them on Twitter.

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The Buzz from Twitter: Dual-Screen Laptop from gScreen

The trending topics on Twitter this morning showed us this little gem–dozens of RT’s (‘re-tweets’) exclaiming “Dual-Screen Laptops?! Yes, They’re Real (and Coming Soon)”, with a link to this Mashable article about the ‘the PC version of a two-headed hydra’ from Alaska-based laptop manufacturor gScreen, coming this Christmas.

And while it was designed to accomodate the unique editing needs of professional designers, programmers & filmmakers, we’re sure it would also come in handy for shopping on eBay & playing online Tetris at the same time. Just saying.

gScreen dual-screen laptop

gScreen Dual-Screen Laptop (Image from Gizmodo)

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