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Create, Shop & Explore on is the fashion industry’s latest obsession.

We first learned of Polyvore at a recent educational event we attended at FIT. It appeared again in this Monday’s issue of Women’s Wear Daily.

If the buzz isn’t enough to get you interested, take it from us–it’s extremely cool.

You can browse & create fashion collages from Polyvore’s seemingly limitless library of styles & accessories from all the hottest brands.

There are contests to create themed collages, question & answer forums and more.

We at BMS were particularly pleased to note that Polyvore’s creation tool functions very similarly to our own storyboard creation tool in our VerTex Design Toolbox, which we feel speaks to the user-friendliness of our product.

So food for thought–if you can use you can design storyboards in the VerTex system! Why not try it now?


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Elie Tahari on Rue La La

BMS‘s own client, Elie Tahari is holding a private sale through fashion website, Rue La La, today through March 10th. Register to snag some high-end clothing for exclusive sale prices!

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Product Lifecycle Management News on BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange

Our new favorite resource for PLM news (and really any kind of business news) is Business Exchange from BusinessWeek.

The website is still in BETA, but it is incredibly useful, well-organized, easy to navigate and most importantly, informative–and we’re not just gushing because our blog postings continue to turn up in the news feed (although that certainly doesn’t hurt!) We certainly wouldn’t expect anything less from BusinessWeek.

You can sort stories by ‘News’, ‘Blogs’, ‘Reference’, ‘Most Active’ or ‘Jobs’, and you can register for free instantly with your LinkedIn login ID.

If you haven’t yet, check out BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange (BETA) for PLM news now!

Business Exchange from Businessweek

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