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Project Runway – ‘Best Looks’: Althea Garners Another Win; Logan’s Out of Luck (Plus Drama Over Zippers & Sweaters!)

Last night’s episode of Project Runway began with the designers facing away from the runway. Why? So that each of their best designs could be dragged onstage for the big ‘reveal’: Their challenge would be to create a complementary companion look for their best work to date. Much better than what Carol Hannah and I both imagined–that they would be required to cut up their old garments to make new ones. (Hey, Lifetime–if you’re ever strapped for a concept for a challenge…)

Honestly, this was one of those challenges that reminds me of Project Runway seasons past–clever, inspiring & innovative. Thankfully, because sometimes I worry that the producers are running out of ideas. (Again, Lifetime–if you’re ever in a bind…see above.)

The good thing about having so few designers left is that we get to see more of the creative/construction process. The bad thing is they all start wanting to kill each other. Logan allegedly copied Althea’s zipper collar (but since she’s a class act, Althea didn’t call him out on it), and Althea allegedly stole Irena’s ‘big sweater’ idea (since she’s not so much of a class act, Irena threw Althea under the bus in front of the judges).

[Sidebar: How did we miss Irena’s comment last week about Christopher’s ensemble looking like ‘an Amish woman would wear it’? So much for diplomacy…]

But apparently the judges–including guest panelists Nick Verreos (Project Runway Season 2) and Kerry Washington–forgave Althea any transgression she may or may not have made, because they awarded her the prize for a pair of black paper-bag-waist trousers and an oversized comfy gray sweater.

Althea - Sweater

Unfortunately for our resident hunk, despite the fact that Logan wore the same outfit that saved him from elimination after his first misstep, the judges were not blinded by the glare off his pants this time and sent him packing for creating a futuristic costume of a dress that Heidi Klum said looked like it came from ‘a bad music video from the 80’s’.


Good night, sweet prince. And may the fashion angels sing you to sleep…


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Project Runway: ‘What’s Black & White & Read All Over…’ Irena Shabayeva ‘Finally’ Gets Her Win; Johnny Sakalis Gets the Boot After the Judges Smell Some ‘Pants on Fire’…

While typically I give you the straight-forward play-by-play of what went down on the runway, things got a little too catty this week not to warrant some commentary!

So keeping in the theme of last night’s ‘Newspaper Challenge’, this post will be more of an ‘Op-Ed’ piece than a news item. ‘Just the facts?’…Not this time!

The spite-fest got off the ground early in the episode when Irena Shabayeva bashed Althea Harper’s winning look from last week’s ‘Industry Party’ challenge. Shabayeva (who appears to have developed a one-sided beef with Harper, seemingly founded on nothing but jealousy) gave us a sneak preview of this tiresome ‘Irena Hates Althea’ subplot last week when she remarked that Althea’s ensemble looked like it was ‘stapled together’.

The sour undertones carried over when Johnny Sakalis scrapped his first attempt at a red newspaper-gown after some less-than-flattering critiques from Tim Gunn. Sakalis later attributed his ditching the dress to a faulty steamer (when there was reportedly no steamer in the work room).

Competitor Nicolas Putvinski lashed out when Sakalis busted out this lame excuse on the runway, mourning the loss of his first gown, which he refered to as ‘hard-core’ and ‘Dior’. Putvinksi called Sakalis’s first design ‘a red mess’, to which Sakalis replied ‘Thanks for throwing me under the bus, jerk.’

Whether or not his lame fib played a factor in the judges’ decision is left to be seen, but Sakalis was ultimately sent packing for his hurried & poor execution of an angular, graphic mini-dress.

johnny sakalis

Meanwhile, the panel (including guest judges Eva Longoria Parker & Tommy Hilfiger) awarded Irena Shabayeva the win for her highly ‘orginal’ newspaper trench coat, which she created after growing frustrated with her unconventional material and Tim Gunn reminded her that the paper raincoat of the 1960’s was made of nothing but paper. Shabayeva said in an interview, ‘If it’s been done, then it can be done, and I can do it.’

All I heard was: ‘It’s been done.’

irena shabayeva

Upon leaving the runway with her first win, Shabayeva exclaimed, ‘I finally won! I feel like it’s past due.’

…A wee bit presumptuous to feel so entitled to first place when surrounded by 15 of the most talented designers this side of Vogue magazine, especially when her designs have been undoubtedly good, but not stand-out.

We’ll be keeping an eye on this one…

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Project Runway – ‘Industry Party Challenge’: Althea Harper Thrills a Panel of Tough Critics; Qristyl Frazier Gets Flak for her ‘Little Black Dress’

In a familiar challenge, the models played the role of the designer’s clients on last night’s episode of Project Runway.

Their assignment was to create an eye-catching look to get their models noticed at an important industry party. But just like in the real fashion world, the designers were required to cater to their model/client’s desires and keep their best interest in mind, while maintaining their own unique style.

Season six’s resident Barbie doll, Althea Harper, created a three-piece mini-suit for her model that delighted Jennifer Rade, guest judge and stylist to Angelina Jolie.


But when elimination came down to Qristyl Frazier’s ‘little black dress’ (which the judge’s dubbed ‘cheap’) and heartthrob Logan Neitzel’s quirky 1950’s style prom dress, it became painfully–one could say ‘Qristyl’–clear that Frazier had sewn her last stitch.


Frazier left in good spirits, thanking the judges earnestly and proclaiming “I know I’m a talented designer.”

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