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Organic Clothing Brand Edun Joins Business Management Systems’ Clientele

BMS is proud to add burgeoning organic fashion and green clothing brand, Edun, to our esteemed clientele.

Shop or check out Edun’s mission today!

Double Layer Cami Dress by Edun


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Celebrate Earth Month at TerraCycle in NYC

TerraCycle is a specialty store in NYC entirely stocked with products, accessories, and even clothing all constructed from recycled materials. It will be housed for a limited time in a retail space located next to the Port Authority in NYC until the end of April, which is Earth Month.

I happened to stumble upon the new TerraCycle store in NYC before my commute home just a few days ago and bought myself an adorable notebook made from a re-purposed box of Cap’n Crunch Cereal…just today I saw the buzz hit Twitter!

So if you’re in our neck of the woods (NYC) please do yourself a favor and check out TerraCycle in honor of Earth Month (if only to see an evening gown made from 1,800 M&M’s wrappers!)

A dress made from almost 2,000 candy wrappers on display at TerraCycle in NYC

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Monif C. Plus Size Fashion: A+ for Style, Substance & Versatility!

With the plus-size fashion industry continuing to grow despite the economic recession, we were excited to discover the Monif C. label on Twitter!

If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you know we have been wanting utilize Twitter to do a feature on an emerging brand for some time, so you might be wondering, What made Monif C. stand out?

I have a very specific answer for you: The Marilyn Convertible dress.

The dress (taglined “One Dress, Infinite Possibilities”) features a timeless & figure-flattering shape available in 6 vibrant colors that can be worn in a myriad of ways–as an elegant strapless evening gown, a sassy halter, a casual top worn over jeans, and more!

The only thing that makes us raise an eyebrow is that the dress appears to be “one-size-fits-all” which doesn’t seem possible, especially in the plus-size industry where cut & fit is so important.

Overall, Monif C. has a refreshing, modern take on plus-size fashion with an emphasis on functionality & versatility…and how could you not love that!

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Holiday Style: The Tea-Length Cocktail Dress

The ever-present, nagging question “What to wear?!” rears its ugly head so often during the holiday season. It’s hard to find that delicate balance of festive & fashionable, yet appropriate for family gatherings and work functions.

Our answer? The tea-length cocktail dress.

This dress from JCPenny fits the bill perfectly. Flattering without being too sexy, fun & festive without being gaudy…get inspired!

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Project Runway – INC Challenge: Irena Shabayeva Wins (Again); Louise Black Sings “The Blues”

For those of you who haven’t been watching Project Runway since the dawn of time (not to brag, but…I have), every season there is a challenge that requires competitors to design a look for a mainstream clothing brand. The prize? The winning garment will be manufactured and sold by said mainstream clothing brand. The win for the this challenge is understandably coveted, so it is always an event when this challenge inevitably rolls around again.

This time, the challenge was to design two looks for INC, a fashion label exclusive to Macy’s department stores. The catch? The designers once again had to work in teams, and, for some unknown reason, the looks absolutely had to be designed entirely in shades of blue.

Irena Shabayeva (who was paired with Gordana Gehlhausen) took her second win with a flowing striped dress and a romantic skirt and blouse set.

Irena Shabayeva INC Challenge Dress

Irena Shabayeva INC Challenge Skirt & Blouse

Alright, Irena…so the judges might like you now. But you better stop saying all those nasty things about the other contestants’ designs…remember, the cast villain never wins on Project Runway!

Louise Black–who was paired with last week’s winner Nicolas Putvinski and, contrary to popular opinion was not eliminated after the last challenge–was ultimately given the axe for creating two dresses with ruffles and…well, not much else.

Louise Black INC Challenge Dress No. 1

Louise Black INC Challenge Dress No. 2

However, perhaps the biggest scandal of last night’s episode was famous American designer and beloved veteran panel judge Michael Kors bringing crowd favorite Christopher Straub to tears with witty remarks about his satiny teal bubble dress looking like a ‘disco pumpkin’.

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‘Sofia’ – Adorable Retro Shift Dress from J. McLaughlin

We LOVE this new arrival from J. McLaughlin! Her name is Sofia–well…’The Sofia Dress‘, but we’re on a first-name basis. With its simple shape and poppy colors, it has a definitive 1960’s vibe (think Twiggy!)

Look at it. Cute as button. Specifically as cute as those precious white buttons at the neckline.

The Sofia Dress - J. McLaughlin
The Sofia Dress – J. McLaughlin

Just a note! J. McLaughlin is currently having a MASSIVE final reductions sale…check out the array of cute stuff you can get for up to 75% off!

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New Project Runway on Lifetime – Self-taught Straub Takes Prize; Eccentric Designer Fish First ‘Aufed’

On the season premier of Project Runway–the first season since the wildly popular Bravo series made the move to Lifetime–self-taught designer Christopher Straub poked fun at himself saying “I keep hearing people talk about ‘smocking’…I don’t even know what that means!” However, Straub’s lack of fashion book-smarts didn’t stop him from snagging the win with a short, ruffled ballerina dress that charmed celebrity guest judge, Lindsay Lohan.

christopher straub

Endearingly quirky & pixie-like designer Ari Fish became the first to be booted off the Runway. Fish described herĀ “Red Carpet look” as “VMA’s 2080…and I also want her to receive her Nobel Peace Prize the same night.”

ari fish

In her exit interview, Fish shares a pearl of wisdom gained from her short-lived stint on Project Runway: “It’s good to take risks, but you’ve got to take risks responsibly.”

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