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Do-It-Yourself for the New Millenium: PCItYourself

Techie Buzz–the website that encourages you to “know your technology head-on”–puts that motto to the test with this article, daring readers to “PCItYourself” with this animated program that aids the technologically-impaired in building their own personal computer with their own two hands.

Ever fantasized about building your own “dream machine”? The time is now!



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Snow Leopard Mac OSX 10.6 Launches Late Sept. – Get the New Wallpapers FIRST

Technological news hub Techie Buzz tells us that while the new Mac operating system–“Snow Leopard”, or Mac OSX 10.6–isn’t set to launch until the end of next month, you can download the newly designed wallpapers for your computer desktop NOW!

The overall vibe is “hip & zen”. There’s about 35 to choose from, and one of them actually┬áis–not surprisingly–a snow leopard.

Desktop Decor from "Snow Leopard" (Mac OSX 10.6)

Desktop Decor from "Snow Leopard" (Mac OSX 10.6)

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