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From The PLM Think Tank: A Surprisingly Important Three-Letter Word

Today on the PLM Think Tank, PLM blogger Oleg Shilovitsky explores the importance of the latest “three-letter word” to gain importance in the PLM industry.

HINT: This new buzzword may surprise you…

Find out now.


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From the Daily PLM Think Tank – ‘Can We Improve Usability of PLM Software?’

Another gem from Oleg Shilovitsky at The Daily PLM Think Tank Blog.

Shilovitsky begins by apologizing for ‘such a topic’, but I think it is something that those of us in the PLM industry are constantly considering (or at least we should be!)

There is a fine line between gathering as much critical information from the user as possible and overcomplicating, creating a cluttered and confusing interface, which Shilovitsky demonstrates with this illustration by Eric Burke:

PLM Usability Cartoon by Eric Burke

Participate in the discussion or read more of Shilovitsky’s thoughts on The Daily PLM Think Tank.

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From the ‘PLM Think Tank’: Decoding the PLM Industry’s Hottest Buzzwords

From Oleg Shilovitsky at The Daily PLM Think Tank comes this list of the PLM industry’s most commonly slung-around terms and key phrases and how they translate into real-life situations.

Great food for thought if you’re in the industry,¬†informative if you’re not.

Read his article here.

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