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Product Lifecycle Management News on BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange

Our new favorite resource for PLM news (and really any kind of business news) is Business Exchange from BusinessWeek.

The website is still in BETA, but it is incredibly useful, well-organized, easy to navigate and most importantly, informative–and we’re not just gushing because our blog postings continue to turn up in the news feed (although that certainly doesn’t hurt!) We certainly wouldn’t expect anything less from BusinessWeek.

You can sort stories by ‘News’, ‘Blogs’, ‘Reference’, ‘Most Active’ or ‘Jobs’, and you can register for free instantly with your LinkedIn login ID.

If you haven’t yet, check out BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange (BETA) for PLM news now!

Business Exchange from Businessweek


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Virtual Models & Runway Shows in the Future for Apparel PLM? – Tech-Clarity Article by Jim Brown

Jim Brown, the author of this article on Tech-Clarity was kind enough to post it in the PLM Group forum on LinkedIn, of which we at BMS are proud members.

Influenced by a Yahoo! article on the role technology played in New York’s recent Fashion Week, Brown touches on some inspired ideas regarding incorporating virtual models and runway shows into apparel PLM.

As forerunners in the apparel PLM industry, we would love to see some of these concepts come to life in a PLM program.

Read the full article HERE.

jim brown article

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New LinkedIn Group from TEXPERTS

If you read our post a while back about TEXPERTS, the new LinkedIn group for professionals in the textile industry, take heed!

Because of the overwhelming response to the original Texperts group, the creators have formed a new group called Total Textile Solution. Request membership to the new group here.

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TEXPERTS: New LinkedIn Group for Textile Professionals

BMS recently had the pleasure of being invited to join TEXPERTS, a new group on LinkedIn for professionals in the textile industry and related fields. There are forums for discussion, news, job postings and more.

Think you’re a “texpert”? Request membership by clicking HERE.


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