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IBM Sells PLM to France’s Dassault Systemes

In the past several days, the PLM feed on Business Exchange has been awash with news regarding the sale of IBM’s PLM division to Dassault Systemes of France for the sizable sum of $600 million American dollars.

Kurt Chen of the TEC Blog points out that the sale is “big news, but not a big surprise.”

Read the full article to see why this undeniably “big news” comes as no surprise to those in the know.


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PLM as ‘A Central Hub of Product Intelligence’

We found this article in the PLM section of our new favorite resource,

The article discusses eradicating the top 3 productivity killers in the workplace in order to create better products in less time–and achieving this goal with the use of a ‘central hub of product intelligence’.

I really enjoyed this new term as it applies to PLM. For such a simple concept, I find that many people have a hard time wrapping their minds around the idea of what a PLM system actually is, yet ‘a central hub of product intelligence’ is a simple yet informative & accurate descriptor.

Read the full article & find out what ‘The Top 3 Productivity Killers’ are now.

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Product Lifecycle Management News on BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange

Our new favorite resource for PLM news (and really any kind of business news) is Business Exchange from BusinessWeek.

The website is still in BETA, but it is incredibly useful, well-organized, easy to navigate and most importantly, informative–and we’re not just gushing because our blog postings continue to turn up in the news feed (although that certainly doesn’t hurt!) We certainly wouldn’t expect anything less from BusinessWeek.

You can sort stories by ‘News’, ‘Blogs’, ‘Reference’, ‘Most Active’ or ‘Jobs’, and you can register for free instantly with your LinkedIn login ID.

If you haven’t yet, check out BusinessWeek’s Business Exchange (BETA) for PLM news now!

Business Exchange from Businessweek

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