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Gadgetwear May Be the Next Wave in Fashion Technology

JW Yates

New York City, New York

A new wave of garments embedded with technological gadgets is on the way to market, and it remains unclear how this will affect the way some products are produced and marketed. As garment makers around the globe keep focused on the next big revolution in textile technology, they may want to consider the upcoming impact of gadget-wear on their supply chain, and on their product management methods.

In the near future consumers will see a great variety of clothes, accessories and other goods which contain some high-tech elements built in. For instance deviantART has recently unveiled the new DA Decibel Collection as part of their deviantWEAR line of low-brow art-inspired urban gear. The Decibel Collection features a set of tech-wired hoodies embedded with built in headphones and audio jack designed for use with an iPod, iPhone or other mp3 audio playing device.

In addition to clothing, footwear is taking the leap into garment/technology integration. A new line of motorized shoes, designed for use by the elderly, are about to hit the shelves. The shoes, being sold under the brand name Re-Step, were created by researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scottland, and the Israel-based medical company Step of Mind Ltd. Their unique motorized design is intended to help seniors learn to walk again after serious stroke, accidents or other ailments that affect locomotion.

Not only are gadgets working their way into actual garments, but they are also making an impact on how clothing is sold at retailers. Check out the new HelloTag from Moonhwan Lee. This new breed of RFID clothing tag was created to assist elderly consumers make choices while shopping the racks. The HelloTag enables users to check required information of a product—such as size, price, material, etc.—through sound data stored in the RFID tag. By pressing the button on the main device, someone who is unable to read can easily find the detailed particulars of a product.

With so many sectors of the garment industry integrating products with electronic components, it is clear that manufacturers of clothing, footwear and accessories must be able to adapt quickly to supply needs. Even if your company has been in business for years, the details of your supply chain may be rapidly expanding to include raw materials and technologies that you are totally unfamiliar with. Now, instead of tracking stocks of raw cotton or printed polyester, you may also have to keep track of audio cables, micro-speakers, RFID tags, mini-motors, wire harnesses, battery packs and countless other gadget components.

In order to maintain a firm handle on all of this product information, it may be necessary for your company to implement a Product Lifecycle Management system, or a Supply Chain Management software tool. As the variety of products in your supply chain increases, it becomes ever more important to oversee every step of your process, from design to delivery. And, as nontraditional components find their way into your supply chain, it is increasingly necessary to cut down on waste and redundancy during product development.

To help you reign in the chaos of today’s ever-changing supply chain, consider investing in a PLM or SCM system like the VerTex system from BMS. Our scalable, customizable PLM toolboxes are designed to handle as many components and changes as the market can throw at you. Tackle unforeseen supply chain challenges with confidence by using a field-tested, industry-specific data management system.

To take a free test drive of the VerTex system, or to find out how BMS can help you overcome your resource management hurdles, please contact us on the web, or at our offices in Manhattan.

March 31, 2011

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Organic Clothing Brand Edun Joins Business Management Systems’ Clientele

BMS is proud to add burgeoning organic fashion and green clothing brand, Edun, to our esteemed clientele.

Shop or check out Edun’s mission today!

Double Layer Cami Dress by Edun

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From The PLM Think Tank: A Surprisingly Important Three-Letter Word

Today on the PLM Think Tank, PLM blogger Oleg Shilovitsky explores the importance of the latest “three-letter word” to gain importance in the PLM industry.

HINT: This new buzzword may surprise you…

Find out now.

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Olivier Theyskens Teams Up with BMS Client Theory

Some may call it the fashion industry’s latest “odd couple”, but it’s true–Olivier Theyskens is teaming up with one of our own clients, Theory, in what is sure to be a truly unique & dynamic artistic partnership.

The former Nina Ricci designer is said to be designing a “capsule collection” for the Theory brand.

Read more from Elle News.

Designer Olivier Theyskeyns

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10 Things To Know About PLM Implementation

BMS has a new white paper available for download on the Just-Style PLM Hub: 10 Things To Know About PLM Implementation

“It’s no secret that one of the primary draws to PLM is the measurable and proven ROI. When implementing PLM, however, it is easy to get caught up fantasizing about the “R” rather than focusing on the “I”. Implementing PLM is an investment like any other, and the decision to move ahead with a PLM project should be meticulously researched and well thought out. Before committing to investing in a PLM system, take a moment to study this list of 10 things you should know about implementing PLM.”

Download the full white paper now.

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Why is Industry Dissatisfied with PLM? from Active Knowledge Modeling

A co-worker passed along a valuable article from the Active Knowledge Modeling blog entitled “Why is Industry Dissatisfied with PLM?” by Frank Lillehagen.

While the article dates back almost a year, most of the points made are still extremely relevant. Lillehagen balances the 5 basic functionalities of PLM against the list of 20 or so that it arguably should have, and what should be done to remedy the discrepancy.

As a PLM provider, naturally it gave us a lot of food for thought, but it also affirmed a lot of what we are currently doing right–particularly when it comes to addressing the needs of the design department.

Read the full article here.

Diagram from "Why is Industry Dissatisfied with PLM?"

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BMS at the SPESA Expo – Plan Your Visit Now!

BMS is excited to announce that we will be exhibiting at the Sewn Products Equipment & Suppliers of the Americas (SPESA) Expo in Atlanta, GA May 18th through the 20th.

We will be located in booth #5756. Plan to stop by or call now to arrange for a free demo: (212) 594-8770

About BMS:

Business Management Systems (BMS) is one of the most established & reliable product lifecycle management (PLM) providers in the market today, with more than 30 years of experience in the PLM and ERP industries.

BMS provides the VerTex software solution in order to fully streamline your business from design to delivery, alleviate the strain of frustrating, outdated manual processes, fill problematic gaps in workplace communication, identify detrimental bottlenecks, and form the most profitable & efficient company possible.

Catering to an esteemed clientele, BMS boasts 100% customer satisfaction and implementation success rates, and has the honor of being named one of the best in customer service by Apparel Magazine.

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