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From The PLM Think Tank: A Surprisingly Important Three-Letter Word

Today on the PLM Think Tank, PLM blogger Oleg Shilovitsky explores the importance of the latest “three-letter word” to gain importance in the PLM industry.

HINT: This new buzzword may surprise you…

Find out now.


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Gadget-Watch: Want A Room With A View…In Your Basement?

Check out this high-tech “party gimmick” posted on and prepare to be amazed.

Using high-definition televisions, special “Winscape” software and a few more gadgets, you can create virtual, interractive “windows” on the walls of your home depicting the stunning landscape of your choice.

Sounds like a pretty expensive “party gimmick”, but you can watch the brief video demonstration for free!

"I just adore a penthouse view..."

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BMS’s New Year’s Resolution? Bring Back the Featured VerTex Toolbox of the Week!

We at BMS Blogs! have decided that in honor of the New Year, we would make a resolution to resinstitute the Featured VerTex Toolbox of the Week!

We think it’s a good idea that deserves more attention, so that our readers can get to know what we do a little better each week.

For those of you new to the blog, BMS is a leading provider of product lifecycle management software to the apparel & textile industries. Our product, VerTex, is is an easy-to-use, easy-to-install modular system of “Toolboxes”, with each toolbox encompassing a different aspect of your business while promoting the cohesion of all aspects for a more efficient and profitable company (Learn more at

Sure we like to come here to talk about fashion, technology and more, but rarely talk about ourselves. And we think you deserve to know!

This week, we will highlight the VerTex COSTING Toolbox:

The VerTex COSTING Toolbox helps you to not only efficiently & conveniently cost products by product component in an organized & effective manner–it can actually help your company to save money, by allowing for side-by-side multiple vendor comparison and assuring accurate costing every time with final costing enabled with price history.

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About BMS

Business Management Systems (BMS) has been a leading provider of product lifecycle management software solutions to the apparel & textiles industry for 15 years, delivering VerTex Toolboxes--an easy-to-use modular system uniquely configured to meet every company's specific needs.

Here we blog about the things we know best--fashion, technology, PLM and more...